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in search of the cintamani stone…

howdy yall.

the last blog i wrote i forgot to post, and then it didn’t do the auto save, so i’m gonna assume that that was just a sign not to post it in the first place.  i’ll do my best to rewrite it and spare whatever wasn’t good enough.

this past weekend, we (me, four guys, and about 13 girls) took a long train journey with a stop at piza and then we went to cinque terre.  the train rides were pretty long and boring, but the bright sides are that we snuck a free ride (unintentionally) and weren’t caught, and we got to have mcdonalds at one of the stations.  we were in a rush though, so i practically inhaled the food.  piza was a short trip, and very touristy.  the tower itself was cool, but not as tall as you think it would be.  everyone was doing the hold it up pose, which was weird but funny.  i took a few pictures, which are up on facebook.  then, after more train riding, we were on our way towards cinque terre. 

  cinque terre is a group of 5 cities which are located on the rocks just above the water.  on the train ride there, we had brief views in which the train seemed feet away from the ocean.  it was a stunning view, considering all i’ve seen for the past two weeks are the olive green pastures of tuscany.  we got off at our stop, which was the third in the line of cities, and immediately were struck by the beauty of the pastel colored houses which seem barely attached to the earth without falling into the ocean.  we didn’t have a ton of time to explore each town because we weren’t staying over night, so we snapped a few pictures and hit the trail.  the trail was BRUTAL at first.  the sun was burning hot, and we stated on the wrong end, so it was literally climbing stair after uneven stair to the top.  everyone’s legs were burning, and we were immediately coated with sweat.  the pathways themselves were quite narrow at times, and had no barrier to stop you from tumbling down the hill and into the mediterranean sea.

eventually though, the nerves parted ways, and the sweat’s cooling factor kicked in, and the hike became quite enjoyable with beautiful scenery.  we could see far out to the ocean, and we could see the towns at beautiful distances.

there’s not much else i can say, because it was really about the views.  everything was stunning to look at.  there was also good conversation on the trail.  we fortunately caught our train on time and headed home soon after.

the next day, feeling extra adventurous, we pushed ourselves to a lovely little town called san gimignano.  san gimmy is known for having towers, which were never destroyed after the renaissance.  the towers in other cities were torn town as a way to show they were conquered.  for whatever reason, san gimmy didn’t have this happen.  only one tower was open to travel to the top, so we of course went up there.

(bonus fact: san gimignano is indeed in assassin’s creed)

overall, the little town of san gimmy was fun because so much could be seen in a short amount of time.  there were two cool churches as well, and one had my favorite garden behind it, and i snapped some photos of flowers.

on other side notes, i’ve been enjoying a ton of gelato.  my favorite mixture is lemon and strawberry, which is a high note the entire time it’s eaten.  we also enjoyed our first fancy dinner, which was pretty good, probably the most tender beef i’ve ever had, but i’m not even sure what it was.  also been having a ton of pizza and sandwiches.  the best pizza i’ve ever had was a little place in florence.  i think the carbs are adding weight though.

tomorrow we’re going to venice, and then i’m spending the weekend and milan, so i won’t exactly have an update till sunday or monday, and i’ll post a ton of pictures.


so i finally have some time to collect my thoughts a bit and write.  i have one more final, and then i’m free of school work for about two weeks before i fly away and start it all over again, but at least i’ll be foreign this time, and it won’t be related to what is pictured.  finals seem to always make me more glad that the class is over than anything because of the stress involved with the two weeks before finals, and then finals week itself.  so regardless of how i felt i did, unless i nearly failed, i’m always glad to be done and away from that work.  finishing finals never ceases to feel great.  of course, it always feels better when you know you nailed the final, but i find that that’s getting more and more impossible to do given the type of work i’ve been doing.  it’s always possible to feel great after a test and then get it back a week later and realize you got a 5 percent.

if you can’t tell by my other posts, i’ve had an increased fascination with synthesis in music.  maybe it’s because i grew up hearing 80s music, or maybe it’s my new found love of frankmusik, but i just love the darn things.  a keyboard covered in nobs with infinite possibilities is just too cool.  i think fate landed me in electrical engineering because it’s been perfect.  the connections between what we learn about circuits and how that affects waves, which is basically sounds, is incredible.  if i had to built an audio system tomorrow it might not be impossible for me to figure out.  that’s really exciting to me.  my major and my passions have somewhat met up in a weird way.

fourth lake.

summer is fast approaching.  though i’m sick with a nasty cough, and still in my dorm room that i’ve been in all year, i feel like it’s just about time to move back into my real home and start hanging out with my biological family again.  i’m currently looking to acquire an 80s synthesizer so i have something to fool around with when i get home.  i might even buy a damaged one and try to fix it up myself.  italy is about three weeks away.  it will be strange to get on a plane and fly somewhere halfway across the world, and everyone will accept that i won’t be around for a month.  i’m stoked.  but the distance between then and now seems quite far.  four finals to tackle monday through thursday of next week.  while my finals seem to be my hardest of my college career yet, i’m not nearly as worried as i have been in the past.  maybe because some of the weeks of this semester earlier were harder than any finals week could be.  i used to hate getting too sucked into school work, but after this semester, i’ve realized that no matter how hellish it seems in the beginning, the more i just get adjusted by the end and accept it.  and this is a good thing, because i end up happier than i would be if i tried to stay stuck in my ways.  i feel good when i feel productive.  hopefully the summer will be productive besides italy.

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